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[collection name]: yuan Datou, three years of the Republic of China


[collection type]: Coins

【藏品简介】:民国时期军阀混战,在中华民国刚成立之时,民间使用的钱币并不统一,那时候银币、铜币、票都在混乱使用。而对于袁世凯,大家并不陌生,袁世凯就任大总统后为巩固政局、发展经济、决定统一货币制度。民国三年(1914年)二月,北洋政府颁布《国币条例》规定:以一圆为无限法偿的本位贷币。原先的各个官局所铸造发行的1元银元,由民国政府兑换并改铸,在一点的时期内,承认它们的价值等同于国币1元的价值。根据这一规定,于1914年12月及1915年2月, 先后由造币总厂及江南造币厂开铸1元币,币面镌刻袁世凯头像,俗称"袁头币"或"袁大头"。 图中这枚民国三年袁大头,主要以袁世凯的头像作为钱币主图案,头像上方铸有“中华民国三年”,背面的图案以嘉禾纹形成一个稻穗花环围绕着汉字面值“壹圆”,其设计美妙绝伦,从视觉上更凸显出当权者威面八方的神仪。

[introduction to the collection]: during the period of the Republic of China, when the Republic of China was just established, the coins used by the people were not unified. At that time, silver coins, copper coins and tickets were used disorderly. We are no strangers to Yuan Shikai. After Yuan Shikai took office as president, he decided to consolidate the political situation, develop the economy and unify the monetary system. In February of the third year of the Republic of China (1914), the Beiyang government promulgated the national currency regulations, which stipulated that one yuan was the standard currency for unlimited legal compensation. The original 1-yuan silver coins minted and issued by various government bureaus were exchanged and recast by the government of the Republic of China. In a period of one point, it was recognized that their value was equal to the value of 1-yuan national currency. According to this provision, in December 1914 and February 1915, one yuan coin was successively minted by the general mint and Jiangnan mint, with the head of Yuan Shikai engraved on the coin, commonly known as "Yuan head coin" or "yuan Datou". The picture of yuan Datou in the third year of the Republic of China mainly takes the head of Yuan Shikai as the main pattern of the coin. The "three years of the Republic of China" is cast above the head, and the pattern on the back forms a rice ear wreath with Jiahe pattern around the face value "one circle" of the Chinese character. Its design is wonderful, which visually highlights the power of the ruler.



Historically, yuan Datou copper coin was designated as the national coin of the Republic of China in the third year of the Republic of China. It has changed the chaotic and inconsistent use of contemporary coins, and has very strict standards in terms of specification and quality. From the perspective of collection value, yuan Datou copper coins are relatively small, have a certain historical status, and their prices are also rising. The "yuan Datou" that can be preserved so far has become a favorite in the field of ancient coin investment and is deeply sought after by the majority of coin collectors!


In the three years of the Republic of China, yuan Datou silver yuan was so popular for the following reasons:


First of all, from its appearance, yuan Datou silver yuan in the three years of the Republic of China is more complete than other yuan Datou silver yuan. The obverse of this silver coin is the profile of President Yuan Shikai. The words "three years of the Republic of China" are engraved on the upper edge of the coin, and there is a "point" in the "people", which has also become one of the important methods to distinguish the authenticity of yuan Datou silver coins in the three years of the Republic of China. Moreover, the word "one circle" is engraved in the middle of the back of the coin, surrounded by two Jiahe ornaments, making the coin look natural and exquisite.



Although the coin is hundreds of years old, it is still intact today, with bright color, moderate depth and density of patterns on the coin, and vivid and natural portrait depiction. Even today, it still has high artistic appreciation value and cultural relics value, and the appreciation of its coins in the future market is unlimited.


Secondly, from the perspective of its currency: yuan Datou silver dollar represents the currency culture of the whole modern period of our country. Yuan Datou silver dollar can not only reflect the prosperity and decline of China's modern economic, diplomatic and social status, but also reflect the changes and vicissitudes of China's modern history. And at present, the number of yuan Datou silver yuan that exists among the people is decreasing day by day, especially the high-quality yuan Datou silver yuan in the three years of the Republic of China. In addition, silver itself belongs to the field of precious metals and has collection value, so its collection risk is small, which is very suitable for collectors' investment and collection